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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Good Sunday Evening, As we are getting closer to the end of the second semester.  I would like to remind everyone of our HS final exam schedule below.  It is important that students’ study and prepare for their finals.  Summary of HS Exam Schedule:

Wednesday, January 17th
  • 8:00 Study Periods Begin
  • 10:12 5th Hour Exam
  • 11:42 Lunch/Study Periods
  • 1:20 6th Hour Exam
  • 2:50 End of the Day
Thursday, January 18th, ½ Day for Students
  • 8:00 1st Hour Exams
  • 9:45 2nd Hour Exams
  • 11:15 End of the Day
Friday, January 19th, ½ Day for Students
  • 8:00 3rd Hour Exams
  • 9:45 4th Hour Exams
  • 11:15 End of the Day
On January 18th, we have exams in the morning and teacher work time scheduled in the afternoon for grading.  Unfortunately, it appears that on Thursday afternoon our internet will be shut down district-wide for servicing so, if teachers would prefer to work from home that afternoon, that will be permissible.  Please confirm with your building principal, if that is indeed your desire on the afternoon of the 18th only.  

Strategic Plan Approved by the BOE in December!

I wanted to thank everyone who was involved in our collaborative Strategic Planning process over the past few months.  The products of our work include a new Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and five NEW district goals.  The Goals I have summarized for your review are below.

  • Academic Goal: CAS will offer a variety of constantly evolving and highly engaging education opportunities that empower students.
    • Build Academic Leadership Team that will report to the Curriculum Committee
    • Establish the EMC program for the 24-25 school year and create more Dual Credit opportunities for HS students
    • Pilot preschool programming
  • Environment/Culture Goal: CAS will provide a welcoming and safe environment that includes innovative and enriching programs for all.
    • Add early Intervention process
    • Replace and update Security technology
    • Develop and Grow MTSS throughout the District
  • Communication/Community Engagement Goal: CAS will promote consistent two-way communication and partnership that engage our community.
    • Create relevant events for Parents and Families (i.e. Love & Logic)
    • Streamline communication (i.e. Apptegy, Sunday Soup)
  • Personnel/Leadership Goal: CAS will attract, develop, retain, and invest in quality personnel.
    • Create a comprehensive new staff support plan
    • Create a process to recruit new staff members (i.e. NMU Teacher Fair)
  • Operations Goal:  CAS will be fiscally responsible and innovative to facilitate continued improvement of the District
    • The new strategic goals approved in December of 2023 will be taken into consideration before and during the planning and approval of future financial decisions.
Fitness Center Work to be completed in January!
Tomorrow, Monday, January 8th

, work on the new FC floor will begin.  We should still be able to have PE in the Main Gym while the work begins and continue the next two weeks.  There may be some noise as they remove the flooring the first few days, but that should be the only distraction. 

The flooring company should be finishing up their work the week of January 15th.  The new equipment will arrive the week of January 22nd and students should have access to the new FC by the end of January, beginning of February, if everything goes to plan.  Also, once completed, we will be partnering with the Cheboygan Chamber of Commerce in a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!  Go Chiefs!

Thank you, Coach Schulz!

As many of you know, the school board accepted Coach Schulz’s resignation at the last board meeting.  Coach Schulz has been a dedicated and passionate football coach and the School Board and I would like to thank him for his long tenure of service.  It is greatly appreciated Coach!

As we move forward, we will be conducting some FB informational meetings for those interested in the future of the FB program.  There will be a FB player meeting on Monday, January 15th, during HR in the auditorium for grade 8-11 that are interested in playing football next year.  There will also be a parent/community meeting 

on Wednesday night, January 17th, at 6:30pm in the auditorium.  We will be sharing the timeline for a new hire and answer any questions that you may have.

New Parent Program Available!
As part of our new District Goals, one of them is to, “Create relevant events for Parents and Families to attend”.   So, we are offering a Parenting Program entitled “Love & Logic”

 to those parents who would like to learn practical skills when dealing with difficult situations with your child and/or children.

The program will be held on Wednesday nights and will START on February 2nd and run through Wednesday, March 13th.  The time will be 5:30pm to 7:30pm and the location will be the Cheboygan Middle School Cafeteria.  This opportunity to Learn is open to ALL K-12 parents. There will be dinner and childcare

 provided for ages 3 and up.

Please click on the link below to see the Flyer and to REGISTER by January 17th:   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FKT4BQjpMT1Wj9jU4W5OR7Y8hzkT4NDt/view?usp=sharing

Week @ Glance…
Monday – 8th
  • 10:00 COPESD Superintendent Meeting
Tuesday – 9th
  • 9:00 BP Meeting in the BR – Book Study Ch.8 – (Byrd)
  • 10:00 Apptegy Training for BP’s in the BR – (Jordan)
Wednesday – 10th
  • 12:00 Rotary Meeting
  • 6:30 SiteLogic BOE Workshop in the BR
Next Week @ Glance…

Monday – 15th

  • Homeroom – Meeting with interested FB players in the Auditorium, grades 8-11
  • 4:00 B&G Meeting in the BR
Tuesday – 16th
  • 10:00 – Finance Committee Meeting in the BR
  • 3:45 – Curriculum Committee Meeting in the BR
Wednesday – 17th
  • 12:00 - Rotary Meeting
  • 6:30 – Football Parent, Player, Community Member Meeting in the HS Auditorium
Thursday – 18th
  • 5:00 Annual Chamber Awards Ceremony
Thank you for your help and support, it is greatly appreciated.
Spencer S. Byrd, Ed.S

CAS Superintendent

Quote for the Week: “When you step onto a football field, never is that more evident that the truth is about to be told.” – Jim Harbaugh