Student Services

Students may obtain certification of a work permit application via the links below, from Cheboygan Area High School, 801 W. Lincoln Ave., or Cheboygan Area Schools Board of Education Office, 7461 N. Straits Hwy. The student and employer will need to complete the work permit application and return it in person, email or fax it to one of the offices listed below for processing. During the month of July please submit all permits to the Board of Education Office.  

Per the Labor and Economic Opportunity - Youth Employment Standards Act the minor and parent/guardian must complete Section I of the work permit in its entirety (all areas must be completed). 

After completing Section I, the minor then takes the work permit to the employer. The employer must complete Section II of the work permit, in its entirety (all areas must be completed including listing all work the minor will be performing, equipment and/or tools minor will use, starting and ending hours to be worked, number of days per week to be worked and number of hours per days to be worked, etc).

*Please note:  Work permits may be printed on white paper. 

Work permits for minors under 16 (printed landscape on both sides). 

Work permits for minors 16 and 17 years of age (printed portrait on both sides).

For questions you may call or email:
Cheboygan High School - 231.627.7191
Fax - 231.627.2430
Email Cheboygan High School 

Board of Education Office - 231.627.4436
Fax - 231.627.9105
Email Board of Education Office