Go Guardian Parent

GoGuardian Parent is a companion to the classroom management and internet filtering tools that Cheboygan Schools uses for Chromebooks issued to students. Through the use of this app, we hope to encourage more open and honest conversations between parents and children that will result in safer practices and responsible browsing habits.

What is included in this app:
- Top 5 summary of student browsing (apps, extensions, documents, and websites visited)
- Teacher interventions
- 30-day view of websites, videos, documents, apps, and extensions
- Ability to block websites on school-issued devices during out-of-school hours
- Ability to pause internet access on school-issued devices during out-of-school hours, either on-demand or at a scheduled time

To get signed up, please fill out the form at this link.

Our staff will then create your account and notify you via email when it is set up.

If multiple parents want access, please fill out the form once for each parent.