Cheboygan Area Schools

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Approved by the BOE in December!

 I wanted to thank everyone who was involved in our collaborative Strategic Planning process over the past few months.  It was very encouraging to see community members, parents, board members, teachers, and administrators work together to create this new vision, our new North Star to guide us into the future.  The products of our work include a new Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Belief Statements, and five new district goals. 


A thriving community with a collaborative culture that empowers every individual to realize their full potential.


To provide a caring environment that empowers a community of diverse learners pursuing their full potential and positively contributing to society. 

We Believe

-in a safe, inclusive, and collaborative environment that maximizes growth.

-character development is an integral part of lifelong success.

-in fostering self-pride in all achievements.

-in making all students life ready through quality education.


Academic Goal: CAS will offer a variety of constantly evolving and highly engaging education opportunities that empower students.

  • Build an Academic Leadership Team that will report to the Curriculum Committee

  • Establish the EMC program for the 24-25 school year and create more Dual Credit opportunities for HS students

  • Pilot preschool programming

 Environment/Culture Goal: CAS will provide a welcoming and safe environment that includes innovative and enriching programs for all.

  • Add early Intervention process

  • Replace and update Security technology

  • Develop and Grow MTSS throughout the District

 Communication/Community Engagement Goal: CAS will promote consistent two-way communication and partnerships that engage our community.

  • Create relevant events for Parents and Families

  • Streamline communication

 Personnel/Leadership Goal: CAS will attract, develop, retain, and invest in quality personnel.

  • Create a comprehensive new staff support plan

  • Create a process to recruit new staff members

 Operations Goal:  CAS will be fiscally responsible and innovative to facilitate continued improvement of the District

  • The new strategic goals approved in December of 2023 will be taken into consideration      before and during the planning and approval of future financial decisions.

 Respectfully Submitted,

 Spencer S. Byrd, Ed.S