Welcome to Cheboygan Area Schools

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the new superintendent of the Cheboygan Area School District. My intention from my first day forward is to continue the tradition of excellence, which is the norm here in Cheboygan. Through an unrelenting commitment to children, collaboration with all district stakeholders, implementing open communication systems, and use of a high level of candor and sincerity, with your help I will ensure the most effective learning environment for the children of Cheboygan Schools.

 Being new to Cheboygan, I have established a personal goal of making sure each student in the district knows me no later than the beginning of our winter break. Through frequent classroom visits and by attending school events, I am looking forward to achieving this goal. I also intend on being present at local events in order to meet and speak with as many parents and community members as possible in order to gain a perspective of the strengths and areas in need of improvement with our schools. Our overreaching goal should and will be constant improvement while maintaining the traditional, which has made Cheboygan the district of educational opportunity.

 We all recognize a quality education is not merely a destination that a child takes, but a journey. Continuing to challenge ourselves and accept nothing less than “all means all” where every child achieves at a high level will serve as our mission every day. You have my word my decisions will always be made with our children’s best interest at heart.

 It is my hope the 2016-2017 school year is the very best yet and I am looking forward to getting to know all of our students and families of the district.

 Cheboygan Strong!

 Working together we will make a difference!!

 Troy Reehl;




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