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There is a Special Board Meeting on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, at 4:30 p.m. The next Regular School Board Meeting is Monday, October 23, 2023, at 6:30 p.m., 7461 N. Straits Hwy., Cheboygan, MI.   Please click on "Board of Education" and "Public Notice for School Board Meetings" below for more information on all of our public meetings.  
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Where to park at school this week!!

I would like to thank everyone at the Intermediate, Middle School, and High School for their patience, flexibility, and understanding this morning.  As you know, the asphalt company was laying fresh asphalt this morning in the parking lot as students and staff were making their way into our schools.  This made dropping off students and parking a challenge, to say the least.  So, after talking with almost everybody I could this morning, here is our best plan for the remainder of the day and moving forward for tomorrow.
This Afternoon:
  • The curve between the MS and HS has been freshly laid this morning but it can be driven over this afternoon.  
    • However, do not stop or park on the curve, you may leave indentation or tire-turn marks today or tomorrow. 
  • Bus drivers, you should be able to drive over the curve this afternoon and line-up as usual, with no problems.
  • Dismissal this afternoon should NOT be impacted.
  • Police will be helping direct traffic today and tomorrow as well. 
  • The laying of the asphalt will be completed TODAY.  There will be no machinery in the way tomorrow.
  • You will be able to DRIVE on the freshly laid asphalt this afternoon and tomorrow but you cannot PARK on it.
    • (Again, if you park on it, with the hot temperatures, it could make indentation and tire-turn marks that would have to be repaired later.) 
  • So, for tomorrow ONLY, we are asking students and staff to park together and...
    • First, please fill up the FRONT parking lots tomorrow!  
      • (The lots in front of the Int/MS and HS with both staff and students.)
    • Then, when that lot is full, staff and students should park in the HS Side Lot next to the auditorium.
    • Then, when that lot is full, staff and students should park behind the school in the area directly behind the gym, as they did today.
    • Then, if that lot should fill up, staff and student overflow parking should park at the soccer field, as we did today.
Thursday - Parking and Student Drop-Off should return to NORMAL.  Thank you for your patience.
Weekend - the lining for ALL parking lots, (that remain unfinished), will happen this weekend.  So, if you must come into your building this weekend, please avoid those work areas as best you can. 
Spencer Byrd
CAS Superintendent
PS - REMINDER Parents Drop-Off point is and will always remain the FRONT of the INT/MS and HS schools.  Parents should NOT drop children off in the back of the INT/MS or HS.