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August 4, 2020

Dear Parents,

After much consideration, it has been decided that Cheboygan Area Schools will be offering two educational options for students this fall.  For families that are ready to send their children back to school, we will offer in-person education.  For families that are not yet comfortable with face to face instruction, we will offer online education.  I would like to point out that both of these options will look very different from what parents and students are used to seeing.  Below are listed the similarities and differences between the online and in-person educational programs.

Program Similarities: Online(OL) and In-Person(IP)

Attendance/Grading: OL and IP students will experience consistent attendance,  

assessment, and grading expectations.

Coursework: OL and IP students will participate in the same standard

based coursework.  Pacing and rigor will be aligned between

Programs to allow for students to transition in and out as needed/allowed.

Days of Instruction: OL and IP students will be expected to participate in learning                           

five days per week.  OL students will do so at home with

specified live teaching hours as well as some flexibility for

independent work completion.  IP students will attend school

M-F during regular school hours.

Extra-Curricular: OL and IP students are able to participate in extra-curricular

activities to the extent activities are allowed to take place

under Executive Orders.  All students must meet academic


Social-Emotional: OL and IP students will be provided with access to their 

school’s social-emotional health resources.

Support Services: OL and IP students who are currently eligible will receive 

specified support services as determined by their IEP and/or

504 team.

Technology: OL and IP students will be provided with the use of 1:1

technology based on their grade level. Kindergarten -I pad,

grades 1-12 - Chromebooks.

Teachers: OL and IP students will be taught by Cheboygan Area 

School’s teachers.

Program Differences:

Online: Students must commit to at least one marking period of online learning 

before returning to IP instruction.

Required resources needed beyond basic school supplies (pencils,paper, scissors) will be provided by the district.  Basic school supplies will be provided upon request.

Wireless hotspots will be available for loan as needed.

OL learning will require significant parental involvement including monitoring, guidance, and communication with OL teaching staff.

Students in grades 9-12 may choose OL or IP instruction on a per course basis if they use self-transportation. ( Example: Take Physics, Economics, and English online and Band, and AP Calculus in person.)

In-Person: Bussing will be provided for IP students. Masks must be worn while riding

the bus.

IP students will be expected to adhere to required safety guidelines specified in Michigan’s Return to School Roadmap, including:  1) Wearing of masks at all times when not eating, drinking, exercising and/or deemed medically unable.  2) Seated in desks facing forward and distanced to the extent feasible to accommodate learning spaces for all students. 3) No sharing of materials. 4) Increased cleaning and handwashing. 5) Lunch in classrooms for grades K-5. 6) Students experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be required to stay home until symptom free or until a negative test is provided.

IP students requiring an extended quarantine will be provided access to remote learning that aligns with IP instruction.

IP students wishing to transition to OL learning may do so as long as staffing allows.

After considering the information about each program, we request that you visit the school website ( and fill out the enrollment form, one for each child in your household.  Please do this no later than August 14 in order to allow us time to prepare for the start of school.

Cheboygan Area Schools goal is to provide the best possible education for our students regardless of the learning platform that you choose.  We also will strive to maintain a safe and healthy atmosphere for students and staff.

Thank you for your trust in Cheboygan Area Schools.


Paul Clark


Cheboygan Area Schools